4th Annual Leadership Retreat
Friday, August 3
5 p.m. - Midnight

Theater Check-in begins at 4:30 p.m.

Attendance is required in order to participate in USL & Renaissance

Guests include MCC, Class Officers and members of
BSR, Pep Squad, BSU, Chamber Singers, MEChA & Pep Squad

In honor of this year's theme, please wear your favorite
long and comfy pajama bottoms.
You will receive a spirt shirt to wear on top when you arrive.

Bring your signed permission slip and dreams
for a successful new school year!

Please RSVP to Miss Porter by August 1, Remind or text 951.203.7786
Please leave your name on texts!

Leadership Retreat Invitation 2018.pdf

Leadership Retreat Permission Slip 2018.pdf