USL Summer Meeting Information

Welcome 2018-2019 USL Officers!!

New this year!

The following information will not be sent via U.S. mail!

In preparation for our first USL Meeting on 

Tuesday, July 31,
please click, read and print
 each of the 
following documents!
(Not able to print?  Please contact Miss Porter via text or email!)

USL Summer Meeting Letter 2018.pdf

USL Summer Meeting Schedule 2018.pdf

USL August 2018.pdf

USL Job Description and Goal Setting Assignment 2018.pdf

Leadership Retreat Invitation 2018.pdf

Leadership Retreat Permission Slip 2018.pdf

FB Schedule 2018.pdf

Please bring to the first USL Meeting:

* Planning calendar ~ If you do not have one, you will be given one!
* August Calendar
* USL Job Description and Personal Leadership Goals
* Leadership Retreat Permission Slip
* Favorite Snack to Share With One Person (Under $2)
*  Dreams and ideas as to how we can make North an even more amazing school!!

Please arrive 15 minutes early to each meeting and be ready to begin a busy and satisfying year of
dreaming and leadership!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone
July 31   5-9 p.m.!!
Dream Big X