Attendance Office Information

John W. North High School Attendance Office Information

Thank You for visiting our page! We sincerely strive to meet your needs as parents and or students of John W. North High School. We hope that you find the information useful and informative. For further assistance, please contact the school attendance office at 951-788-7311 and follow the prompts for attendance.

California State Law mandates that all children age six to eighteen years attend school unless they are exempt by law or have graduated from high school (E.C. 48200, E.C. 48400).  Parents are reminded that they are responsible to comply with this compulsory education law by enrolling students and arranging for their regular attendance. Students age eighteen and older are reminded that schools are not obligated to enroll them or to maintain their enrollment.  Eighteen-year-old students with discipline or truancy problems may be dropped and advised of alternative educational opportunities. (B.P. 6146b).

Unexcused Absences-

Students must have absences cleared within five (5) days of their return to school or their absence will be marked as a truancy. Once truant, allowing students to complete make up work and tests missed during unexcused absences is solely at classroom teacher’s discretion. Disciplinary consequences may be assigned to those students deemed truant. The RUSD will issue a letter to parent/guardian notifying them of the need to attend a School Attendance Review Team meeting at their student’s high school after 18 hours (the equivalent of 3 full school days) of unexcused absences.

Tardy Policy-

John W. North High School has a tardy policy in order to maintain minimal classroom disruptions.  Consequences for students not arriving to class on time may include detention, Saturday school or other suitable consequence assigned by the administrator.  In order for a tardy to be excused, a doctor’s note must be provided.

Clearing an Absence-

California Education Code 48205: Whenever a student is absent, a Parent/Guardian must clear absences within 5 days of the absence through the following means:
1.By calling the J.W. North Attendance 24-hour absence reporting lines at
951-788-7311 last names A-K EXT 63240 or last names L-Z Ext 63241.
2.By sending the student back to school with a signed note upon their return to school. The note should be signed by the parent/guardian,  include students name, ID number, dates of absence, reason for absence, name of parent or guardian providing the note and the current date.
3. By logging onto and completing the form and submitting.  Upon submission, attendance will follow up with verification..

The School District based on California Education Code Law determines whether the absence can be considered excused or unexcused when recorded in the student’s attendance report. If a student is absent for 10 or more days in a year a physician’s note or verification is required.

Important note: Only notes from a doctor, dentist, court or verified bereavement are considered verified /excused once a student has capped at 10 days of absence

Sign Out Policy-

ALL PERSONS PICKING UP STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE PROOF OF IDENTIFICATION VIA A PHOTO ID.  If the parent or guardian wants to check a student out of school, the parent/guardian must come into the Attendance Office in person and provide identification. Students will not be released to anyone who is not listed on the emergency card. Checking identification and calling your student out of class takes time…be sure to allow enough time for us to get your student from class. Early release requests from walk-in parents/guardians will take time after 2:20pm due to end of the school day dismissal preparations.

Independent Study-

If a student needs to be absent from school for an extended period of time due to unforeseen events, parents should contact Inez Dixon, Secretary of Attendance, regarding Independent Study Contracts.

Important Reminders about Independent Study:

  • Parents requesting IS need to notify the school in advance, at least six (6) days prior to the planned departure from school. One day to complete the paperwork and 5 days to allow teachers to prepare the student’s work.

  • The school site administrator has the right to deny Independent Study when a student has a history of not completing assigned Independent Study work agreements.

  • Independent Study will not be issued for the first 10 days or for the last 10 days of each semester unless it has been approved by the Director of Pupil Services.

  • Independent Study cannot be less than five (5) consecutive school days and may not exceed twenty (20) consecutive school days per year.

  • All IS Agreement forms must be completed, signed, initialed, and dated by the student, parent, teacher/s, and the supervising teacher prior to the commencement of the IS contract days.

  • IS must be planned, written and signed before the start of the agreement since it cannot be made retroactive to an earlier date.  It is very important that the student and parent confirm the dates of IS as well as the return date.

  • Student’s work must be received by the due date identified in the agreement.  Any dates outside of the agreement will void the IS.

  • Independent Study Agreements that are not completed will be considered UNEXCUSED absences.

Student Withdrawal-

Parents/Guardians MUST accompany the student being withdrawn.  Parent/Guardian must present identification card at time of withdrawal.  Student must come to school with all text and library books, and monies to pay any fines due.  Student will take his/her “Withdrawal From” obtained from the Attendance Office to each of his/her teachers.  Each teacher will sign the withdrawal form and issue a grade. The student will then need to take the form to the librarian and turn any textbooks or library books checked out to him/her.  Next, to the finance office to pay any dues, if any. Student will take the form to his/her counselor and then return to the Attendance Office. Once everything is cleared, the attendance Office will give the parent/guardian copy of the student’s transcript, immunization record, and the withdrawal form with grades.

Change of Telephone/Address-

If you are changing your telephone number/address, please inform the Attendance Office as soon as possible. There is a change of address form in the Attendance Office that you will need to complete and provide two forms of address verification when you submit the form.