Online Registration

Click HERE for directions on Parent Portal setup.

Click HERE for Registration Packet (Coming Soon)

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Dates & Times -Continuing Student and incoming 9th graders all ready pre-enrolled from University Heights, Central or by district approved transfer:

8/5: Seniors (8:00-10:00), Juniors (10:30-12:30), Sophomores (2:00-4:00)

8/6: Freshmen (8:00-10:00), Makeup for ALL Grades (10:00-12:00)

Important Note: No New Enrollments accepted on the dates of August 5th and August 6th as we will be holding continuing student  and pre-enrolled incoming 9th grader Registration on these dates. 

 New enrollments Accepted  - just moved into North's attendance boundary -7/25-7/31 and also on the dates of August 1st and August 7-9th.  ​Note: Incoming freshmen from University Heights Middle School or Central MS DO NOT come on these dates unless on a transfer. You participate in regular registration on August 6th. 

8/12: First Day of School

What will I do at registration?
Turn in required verification paperwork printed from AERIES Parent Portal Online Registration 
Turn in T-Dap verification (9th grade only)
Sign up for PTSA
Set up lunch account
Purchase VIP cards/packages, yearbooks, PE clothes
Pay any fines from previous years
Get your 2019-2020 school ID
Take yearbook photo
Pick up course list
Submit requests for schedule change
Pick up textbooks