Diploma Program (DP)


Students enrolled in the IB Diploma Program for grades 11 and 12 at North High School have two options.  They may pursue an IB Diploma or IB Courses (Certificates). It is advantageous for students to come into North as participants in the program so that they can best prepare for coursework in 11th and 12th grades.  


In order to receive the full IB Diploma, a student must demonstrate proficiency in specific areas.  Students must enroll in courses in literature, second language, mathematics, experimental science, and individuals and societies (social science) and an art or other elective.    Upon completion of course work, six external examinations must be taken and passed. In addition, the IB Diploma candidate is required to prepare a research paper of 3000-4000 words (Extended Essay), participate in a course called Theory of Knowledge, and become involved in extracurricular activities in the areas of creativity, activity, and community service (CAS).

The curriculum is determined by an international group of educators and is consistent throughout the world.  The areas of the IB program and the subjects offered at North High School are:

           (1)      Language A - Literature (generally in the language native to

                     the student or the country in which the school is located – at North

           Language A is done in English)

           (2)     Language B - Spanish or Chinese (Mandarin)

           (3)     Individuals and Societies - economics

           (4)     Experimental Sciences – biology and/or physics or design technology

           (5)     Mathematics – math studies, standard or higher level mathematics

           (6)     A sixth subject - world history, theatre arts, instrumental music,

                    vocal music, or a second experimental science

Corresponding Courses:

Group 1:    English HL

Group 2:   Spanish SL or Chinese (Mandarin) SL

Group 3:   Economics SL

Group 4:   Biology SL/HL or Physics SL/HL or Design Technology SL

Group 5:   Math Studies SL, AP Calculus/Math SL, or Mathematics HL

Group 6:   Theater SL/HL, Music SL/HL (instrumental or vocal music), History-Europe HL, or second Science (both Biology and Physics)
                                          HL: Higher Level
       SL: Standard Level


Students may participate in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program even if they are not interested in earning the full Diploma.  The IB Diploma Courses program allows students to select one or more areas of study based on their interests and abilities.  After taking appropriate courses, students take IB examinations and receive certificates based on their performance.  IB Diploma Courses candidates do not have to write an extended essay, meet the CAS requirement, or take the Theory of Knowledge course.

The IB Diploma Courses program is ideal for students who want a challenging academic experience but also wish to devote a great deal of time to a job, athletics, music, or other interests.  This program also meets the needs of students who are stronger in some subject areas than in others.

Students do not have to declare their goal -- diploma or diploma courses (certificates) -- until the middle of the sophomore year. Students enroll in IB Diploma Program courses during the junior and senior years. Ninth and tenth grade students participate in North's pre-IB program, taking honors/AP and college preparatory courses to prepare them for participation in the IB Diploma Program.

IB information meetings for 8th grade families will take place on Tuesday, November 19 and Wednesday, November 20, 2019, at 6pm in North's Theater.  The information is the same both evenings.