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John W. North Athletics

Steve Bernard

Steve Bernard
Ass't Principal, Athletics
(951) 788-7311 ext. 63248

Athletic Director's Message

Welcome to John W. North Athletics. The tradition of excellence at J.W. North High School brings about a great sense of pride for our school and community. If you are a current North athlete you are following in the footsteps of not only great athletes who have risen to Olympic and professional glory,you are also connected to a group of community leaders as well who have transitioned their athletic success into greater community causes.

Being involved in athletics promotesa stringent work ethic, a loyalty to team, and a commitment to discipline. When these character traits are at the forefront of an athletic program, leaders rise. At J.W. North it is our goal to promote athletics in a way where values and leadership skills blossom.

The guiding principle of the J.W. North Athletic Program is to promote high value character traits that enhance the personal development of student athletes to better prepare them for success in later life. J.W. North student athletes will work together as a team while maintaining the drive to excel as individuals. They will value the tenets of discipline and respect while striving for athletic excellence. Husky athletes will be students first who are mindful of team, school, family and community responsibilities.As is the tradition, North athletes will develop into active community leaders. We encourage our athletesto excel with the utmost respect for our opponent and the officials. This is the standard we anticipate for our athletes as well as all our parents and supporters. Dealing with adversity is a part of life and J.W. North will shine with an attitude of respect and dignity no matter the outcome.

Go Huskies !

Steve Bernard
Assistant Principal /Athletics
J.W. North High School
"A School of Character"