Student Athlete - Health and Safety

The goal of John W. North High School's Athletic Department is for our student-athletes to learn life lessons and grow as individuals through sports. Through these athletic endeavors our number one priority is their health and safety. Below are resources to help student-athletes, parents, coaches, and anyone in our community keep everyone participating in sports safe.
Concussions and Return to Play
Nationwide data continues to show that many catastrophic head injuries are a direct result of injured athletes returning to play too soon, not having fully recovered from the first head injury. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control reports that approximately 3 million sports and recreational concussion occur every year.
California state law AB 25 and Education Code § 49475 state:
  1. The law requires a student athlete who may have a concussion during a practice or game to be removed from the activity for the remainder of the day.
  2. Any athlete removed for this reason must receive a written note from a medical doctor trained in the management of concussion before returning to practice.
  3. Before an athlete can start the season and begin practice in a sport, a concussion information sheet must be signed and returned to the school by the athlete and parent or guardian.
Clear communication between players, parents, coaches, and trainers is critical to the health and well being of all of our athletes.
InSite Technology
Beginning with the 2015 football season, all football players in Riverside Unified School District will be wearing football helmets with Riddell InSite Impact Response System. This technology allows for "another set of eyes" to monitor players during practices and games.
For inquiries regarding sports medicine related issues contact Alicia Stephens, our Certified Athletic Trainer, at ext 63047 or